Hello, for those of you who don't know me, a little about me. I have been a horse nut for as long as I can remember. A horse was the first thing I ever drew. I majored in art (sculpture). My first ever photography class was in Rome Italy. I took it as part of a college program where I was in Rome for six weeks. It continued for the rest of my formal art education. Yes, I have all the color therory , and composition classes required to produce good results for you.

Some of you might think my name is famillar. You might have seen some of my sculpture in the catalog Back In The Saddle. I am one of their featured artist on their website. I have been taking horse pictures for years as reference material for my art work.

I consider photography art. Welcome to the newest chapter of my art career. I do equine sculpture, fine art portraits, and wood carvings. I plan on adding pictures of some of my other work to my favorites gallery.

I am also a horse person as well. I will try to capture the beauty of your horse without giving him or her a coronary. I prefer TB's,but can see the beauty in any breed.

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